Question about hard drive connections on the rear of device..

On the back of the drive there is the SATA Power and Data connections, but there is also a small 2 pin connections right next to it. What is this 2 pin connection (kinda shaped like an RJ port) for?
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  1. I really don't know what kind of connection it is, but I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. So itll work with just the 2 SATA cables you think?
  3. One of the PCB connections is SATA power, and the other is SATA data. Plug in a SATA cable to the data one, and a power connector into the power one (they can't get mixed up), and there is no reason that it shouldn't work.
  4. I know.. I've just never seen a HDD that had the bonus jack. that's what I'm trying to find out about :D
  5. Probably jumpers for forcing SATA1 speed (some SATA1 controllers cannot work with SATA2 HDD)
  6. Yeah, but the connector didn't look like the type used for jumpering.
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