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Hey I purchased a EVGA GTX 275 1786 MB card a couple of weeks ago and I traded in my old 9800GTX for a EVGA GTX 275 896 MB card. When I turn on my computer and go to NVIDIA control panel there's no option for SLI at all. I tried reinstalling the drivers and I switched the two cards positions and still nothing. My system is Vista 64bit, 8GB DDR2, 500GB HD, 750W PSU, Intel Core 2 Quad, 2 GTX 275 (896MB, 1789MB). I read that on the SLI faq that the card with the higher memory will cut it's memory in half to work correctly with the lower memory one but that doesn't seem to be the case with mine. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. What is your mobo?

    How did you try a 9800GTX for a 275?
  2. I fixed the issue. I had to install coolbits and modify the value to 18.
  3. tomhardcore said:
    I fixed the issue. I had to install coolbits and modify the value to 18.

    I just wanted to add my input that I was having the exact same issue, two different sized (800-ish MB & 1700-ish MB) GTX 275 EVGA cards and I couldn't get the SLI option to appear in the Nvidea control panel. Thanks to the Coolbits advice I got my damned GTX275's to SLI. =) I tried just editing the reg file, and restarting, that didn't work, but after downloading the coolbits 2.0 reg hack from guru 3D and after restarting, got the damned cards to work! =)
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