Lynksys WMP54G

Having some problems installing this wireless card

It's a Lynksys WMP54G v4.1 (ralink chip)

My sys Vista 64bit, 4GB mem, M4A79 Deluxe mobo

Tired using the cd that came with the card, but Vista kindly lets me know that the drivers are not digitally signed and im SOL.

Went to Ralink website and downloaded both (RT256x/RT266x) and (RT2500) drivers. (BTW does anybody know for certain which Ralink chip this card has?) Software for both seemed to install fine. After wards thought I get a little black out sign on the lower right hand that says Ralink Wireless LAN Card Not exist when I mouse over it.

Tried updating the drivers in Device Manager. Pointing Vista to C:/Programs(x86)/Ralink/Driver but Vista says it could not find driver software for your device. What does a driver file end in? .sys?

With the RT256x/RT266x you have an option of just installing the drivers. I get the message that they were installed successfully, but in device manager I still have the yellow exclamation mark by the network controller. Where are the drivers installed? Is there a way to point Vista to just the drivers? I can't seem to find a Ralink folder when I install just the drivers.

A couple other odd things. When I install the card, Vista recognizes the new hardware, but the Act LED on the back of the card doesn't light up at all. (reboot, restart, power up, shut down, nothing). I know it supposed to show activity, but you'd figure there would be a power up test where the LED would blink once or twice.

Maybe the card is bad all together? Does it matter what PCI slot I put it in? I curently have it installed in the #2 slot, as the #1 PCI slot is blocked by the graphics card. Looked in the BIOS briefly to see if there is a way to enable/disable a PCI slot, but didn't see anything.

Whenever I install the driver, I would try to delete the previous one. Leave the card in there and go to Ralink/uninstall. Then device manager and uninstall driver from there. Shut down, remove the PCI card, power back up. Install software all over again and then install PCI card. Not that it made a difference, obviously. Just thought I'd trow that out there.

So I'm ready to smash this thing with a hammer, cause that would make me feel a lot better. Unless of course somebody has any easy fixes that do not involve sacrificing a virgin on the 28th day of the new year under a full moon.

If there is no fix for this (I know, how uncommon for Vista) can you recommend a Wireless PCI G card that would work with this system.


Update: Tried the Ralink drivers with 2GB mem instead of 4GB, but it didnt make a difference.
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  1. Fixed

    1. From the link given above, find your chipset (under part number column) and then click to download. In the case of my v4.1, it is the one listed as PCI/mPCI/CB (RT256x/RT266x). As stated before, do a Google to find your chipset (no identifiers on the card). Obviously throw on a flash drive if you are downloading from another computer.
    2. The download is an installer. Run it and make sure to choose the option to JUST INSTALL THE DRIVERS.
    3. Now go into the Device Manager and find the Network Card (should be flagged under Network Adapters since the driver hasn't been found yet by Windows). If you don't have the network card installed yet, install it then look for it. If you have it installed and you can't find it, you may have already associated it with another driver and it is not working. Find it in the list of devices and uninstall it.
    4. Right click on the Network Card in Device Manager and select Update Driver Software...
    5. Select - Browse My Computer for driver software
    Here I would go to the Ralink folder where Vista didn't find any drivers.

    Instead I tried this and it worked
    6. Select - Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
    7. Select - Network Adapters if not listed yet
    8. Select - Ralink from the manufacturers on the left (note mine had 2 and it was the first one for me which had the a/b/g drivers the 2nd has the n nic drivers)
    9. Select - 802.11G WIRELESS PCI ADAPTER
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