Features you'd like to see in the next Windows version

I am just wandering what does everyone think would be a cool addition to the for the next major Windows version.

IMO smooth scrolling throughout the system browsing should have been implemented years ago, as it makes the GUI experience much more pleasant. TBH i think this may be an unconscious factor in the windows to OSX change!

What do you guys think?
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  1. how about an OS, Pro and higher, that can use two NICs and has the option to manage the traffic
  2. - tabbed windows explorer
    - release the thumbs.db files after exiting a folder over a network so you can delete/rename it without waiting several minutes! (no good reason this can't be done NOW with a hotfix)
    - give us back dreamscene and webpage backgrounds
    - give us back previews for audio/video files within windows explorer (2k had this)
    - integrate a HDD/SSD S.M.A.R.T. monitor
    - integrate the ability to change logon background and start orb
    - (not a windwos thing but) give us more office colour schemes
    - more robust zip/rar file handling

    i'm aware some of these features can be added with 3rd party software, but having them native to windows would be nice.
  3. No ribbon and dual or triple explorer option with small classic status bar or at least keep classic option's to the new "look's". And display of folder size.

    Common I don't want all that much.
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