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How to increase graphic memory using a part of ram memory

my computer is of 1.8Ghz 250GB hard disk and 1GB ram and 128MB graphic memory how to make graphic memory increase upto 256MB using some part of ram into graphic
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    Are you using a graphics card or on-board graphics?

    For on-board graphics you go in to your BIOS before Windows starts, go through your options, likely under Integrated Peripherals or similar, you'll see a Video RAM option set to 128M or similar, change it to 256M.

    Normally on-board graphics isn't very good, so needing more than 128Mb is unlikely (any game which needs this probably will not play well).

    If you're using a graphics card, you can't increase it, you need to buy a new card.
  2. i dont have graphic card installed seperately all i had 128MB in pre installed in my mother board and i am using windows 7 tell me the path how to change my 128MB graphic memory into 256MB using some part of my RAM
  3. I did.
    Not sure why you'd want more than 128Mb on integrated though.
  4. yeah i got answer it worked thanks alot
  5. man i cannot click on the video ram ..............What can i do?
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