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I just built my first system and I had planned to install Windows 7 on it. I've run into a bit of trouble and I'm getting an error when I go to install the disk. I get "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" when I put in the disk. I've checked the SATA connections to the hard drive and dvd-rom drive as well as checking the boot priorities in the BIOS. I have them set as dvd-rom, hard disk, flash drive. Everything seems to be in order, but I still get the error when trying to install Windows 7. For further testing i tried to install an old copy of XP Pro and it loaded and starting going through the installation process. This was a little bit of a relief to me because it would seem the problem is in the Windows 7 disk and not my newly built computer.

So right now, the possible problems that I can think of are either it was a bad burn or I'm an idiot and didn't do the burn correctly in the first place. It seemed pretty straight forward on how to properly burn it. My burning software recognized the iso file type and I clicked on the file hit the burn button. Perhaps, I missed a key step.

Thanks for the time. I'm anxious to get the new computer running :)
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  1. is it an iso ?

    try burning it at a slower speed
  2. Yeah, it's an iso. I'm in the process of burning a new copy at a slower speed. I just noticed that the blank DVDs that I have are DVD+R, would that make any difference? I've used them before and they've worked fine, but it's been a while. I don't really keep up much with that sort of thing. I'm thinking it probably wouldn't make much of a difference, but I suppose it's possible.
  3. It's a bad burn or you burned a corrupted ISO file. When you check the contents of the DVD, what do you see?
  4. I see an identical copy of iso file that i burned. Hmm... I probably should see something different, shouldn't I?
  5. You definitely shouldn't see the ISO file. What burning software are you using?
  6. The first two times I used Sonic. Now I'm just finishing up a clean burn from Active ISO Burner. Hopefully this will work.
  7. Sweet! The error between the chair and the monitor is solved! Thanks for the help.
  8. mattbu said:
    Sweet! The error between the chair and the monitor is solved! Thanks for the help.

    EBCAK - Error Between Chair and Keyboard.

    Don't be ashamed, I did the straight data copy first time around with the same 'non-system disk' issue. Then I did an ISO burn, but at full speed, which gave me error 0xc00000e9 and then I finally got the message and did another ISO burn, this time at the slowest speed. Windows 7 RC 64bit installed in 20 minutes or less and boots up in about 20 seconds, so I love it.
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