Dell E510 Motherboard based on a retail board?

Some manufacturer motherboards are based on board available retail. I have a Dell e510 and was wondering if anyone knows if the e510 board is based of a retail board as well. Dell calls this board a RD203 KF623 Featuring Intel 945G Chipset LGA775. Reason is I'm looking for a compatible bios. These are two simple questions if you know the answer great and thank you. If you don't do not worry about it.
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  1. Even if you can track down a retail board, like Asus, that matches the one in your Dell, I don't recommend you do a BIOS upgrade not offered by Dell. The retail board may have revisions yours doesn't have or vice-versa. Flashing the BIOS with incorrect files will result in your computer not working again.
  2. I've owned one Dell computer and it was my first and last. And the reason for that was I found it too difficult to upgrade, from formating the HD and installing a newer OS, to removing the motherboard and installing it to a standard case, as well as the BIOS issues, etc...
    Listen to Mongox, if it's DELL use only DELL bios or you may corrupt the BIOS chip which will more trouble to fix than what the motherboard is worth.
  3. Please ignore what is said above I still want the name of the board or bios that may work if anyone knows it.

    So far the only thing I've learned is that Foxconn makes a lot of boards for Dell from what I understand but I still don't know if there is a retail board that it is based off of.
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    The boards were made by Intel specifically OEM for Dell Dimension E510 5150 5100 computers. The form factor is BTX, so they were never sold for non-OEM uses - no consumer motherboards were ever made for sale alone.

    The computer is about 4 years old and if you're really determined to brick the BIOS you can search for other Intel 945G boards from makers like Asus, Foxconn, etc... and try their BIOS updates. You won't find an exact match for the reasons stated above.
  5. Thanks I appreciated that. I'm not 100% positive I'm going to attempt this yet. But if I do I'll let you know how it turns out.
  6. Damn if I could only find someone else who had tried this before me.
  7. Have you tried Google?
  8. Yeah I've tried google for about an hour... Any suggestions on search phrase?
  9. Maybe if I mention the actual name of the Mobo it will help its a DM051.
  10. I'm sorry the edit feature doesn't work... I can download bios for intel's 945 boards here:

    The question now becomes which matches best...

    Don't worry about a possible brick I can always get a new case, processor, and motherboard if need be.
  11. Might try their downloaded driver utility on that page - it may give you info about what Intel thinks the board is.
  12. That didn't work mongox but thanks. I have narrowed it down to two boards that it could be or at least the closest thing to my current board.

    The question is which the choose and will it work? If only I could get a bios string from my phoenix bios.
  13. Remember, I don't think either of them will work...
  14. Right now I'm looking into whether my board has a BIOS recovery mode.
  15. Tell me again your purpose for upgrading the BIOS. Usually even the manufacturer tells you if there are no issues, don't play with the BIOS. In your case, there are no new CPUs or hard drives that take advantage of your old mobo.

    What revision do you have and what does Dell say about the BIOS history?
  16. I wanted to see if I could get my PentiumD to run 3.0Ghz for fun basically and if I ruined my motherboard I'd just get a new one with a case (atx... btx... you know). But I've been thinking about it a bit more logically lately. The chances of it working are slim to none and I have a friend that could use this computer and would be very gratful to have it. So I'm starting think maybe I should just go ahead and by the new case board and processor and give away my e510 case, board, and processor. As much fun as it would be the blow up the Mobo it could probably serve my friend for many more years...
  17. Sounds like a fine idea! Even with a newer BIOS, it's unlikely to give you any options for overclocking that you don't have now - likely none.

    Building a new system that fits your needs - and desires - is a great plan.
  18. If you're serious about experimenting and OC'ing your Pentium D, there are plenty of used brand name motherboards on eBay for $10 that would be more suited for your experiment. However, with the combo of an old CPU and old mobo and extra voltages (those pathways could be hanging on for dear life by a very thin thread literally) , you risk blowing up both.
  19. 100Islands - what's a good Intel CPU that's both inexpensive and got motherboard choices that give it lots of OC options?

    I know the AMD Phenom II 550 Black Edition with a motherboard can be had for around $160.
  20. I was looking at Athlon II X2 w/ either a gigabyte or asus board. I have to get a case too (btx) and I'm hoping to stay under 200 dollars.
  21. Well, I'm not sure you'll find a BTX AMD motherboard. Haven't looked however. It's an Intel standard and hasn't caught on much so far in the 'clone' community.

    The CPU I have has the advantage of being priced at an X2 but about 70% of folks with the proper BIOS can convert it into an X4. Just luck of the draw really.
  22. Well I meant that I have a BTX case so I'd have to get a new one. Come to think of it though my friend has an ATX case... I could trade her my e510 for the case that would be a significant upgrade for her as I'm not even sure her processor is a single core 2ghz.
  23. See, it's all coming together! Play your cards right and you might get a couple of nice dinners out of it too! (sorry, I'm sure that's a sexist remark.)
  24. If you want to get started cheap on learning OC'ing, get a used Intel e5200 and an Asus P45 or G31 mobo. Should be around $$65 - $75 total for both items on eBay.
  25. I got a GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H and Athlon II X2 3.0 Ghz. I really wanted that AMD Phenom II but I just cannot afford it. I really cannot afford what I already bought. The nice thing about this is I have 2 gigs of memory for the board already so I don't have to buy any right away.
  26. Hey, good luck with the new build!

    When I bought back in August, the Phenom II x2 BE was the same $102 at Newegg, but I was able to get a combo deal on it with the same Gigabyte board that took $30 off - so basically changed the CPU price to $72 or a bit less than the Athlon.

    I'm sure you'll love the system and exploring the capabilities.
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