2 1tb 7200.12s in raid0 acting weird on HD tune

Hello, I picked up 2 seagate 7200.12 1TB and set them up in raid0 using intel built in controller on the ICH10R. I ran a couple of benchmarks using HD tune but the graphs are looking the way they should. I get a smooth curve on my old hard drive that I am using as a data drive but with the 7200.12s the graphs are all over the place.
Is this normal since they are in raid? and because they are being used as the boot drive where the programs are being run off or god forbid do I have a bad hard drive?

Please any input would help.

Links to the pics:
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    that looks very similar to my 7200.12 500GB drives in raid I had setup.

    pretty much normal nothing wrong there.
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  3. Thnx for the reassurance, I guess I was just being paranoid :P
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