XPS M1210, will this drive work for a replacement?

I have a Dell XPS M1210 and I decided to upgrade it a little bit.

Anyways, battery and memory are the two things I am upgrading for sure, cuz battery is completely dead, and memory is only 55$ upgrade.

But I am positive that Sata, Sata 1.5 and Sata 150 are all the same thing, and Dell has a SATA-150 as a replacement on their website, but I assume this WD Sata 1.5gb HD will work?

So on Newegg they have a Western Digital Scorpio Blue for 45$,


I was wondering if this would work in my laptop? Obviously i will need windows and all that yoddaling.
but I want to know if it will work as far as compatible wise.

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  1. hardware wise it is compatible the last question is if your BIOS will support it.

    check for the latest BIOS
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