Windows 7 X64 randomly stops recognizing the keyboard

The keyboard works in safe mode until windows starts then it doesn't work at all. Any ideas?
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  1. Happend to me, some files are corrupted in the system.

    Check out in your Device Manager and do a Property on your keyboard.
    Go to Driver tab, and click on Details.

    Verify if the drivers are certified by Windows, if not, you have to chance these files.
  2. It has 2 drivers i8042prt.sys and kbdclass.sys and both are windows certified. I tried to update the driver, uninstall the keyboard and reinstall it. Did a system recover from 2 weeks back, updated the bios, and now I'm running out of ideas... any suggestions?
  3. Does the keyboard in question work on another computer?

    Try a different keyboard in your computer too.

    Sorry, if you have already tried these :)
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