Overclocking i7 920 with ddr3 @ 1333

can someone throw some light into oc my i7 920 with my 5gb ddr3 @ 1333 ram
I've heard that oc cpu is limited when ram is running @ 1333
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  1. what should i do in order to get the most out of my cpu and ram
  2. I followed this guide and attained 3.91 GHz on my i7-920 - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/263043-29-1156-core-core-overclocking-guide

    The heatsink is CM V8 (average heatsink) - my 1600 GHz RAM is running at 1485 (slight underclock) and is fine. Read the guide and set the RAM multiplier to its LOWEST number, and start your CPU overclocking.
  3. 5gb's of ram ? well thats part of the problem ... you should have all even sticks ex. i7 1366 motherboards have 6 memory slots, and you should be using all 2gb sticks, or all 1gb sticks ... They need to be the identical sticks for best performance. 1333 Mhz is not that great for overclocking because in my experience it kinda of limits you a bit. 1600 Mhz would have been a much better alternative But list your specs so we know what your working with....
  4. Thanks guys
  5. pick a best answer ... and too get the best i would get 6x 2 gb sticks or get 3x 4gb on newegg.com and they are fairly decently priced right now and its an excellent time to buy ram .... if you have the extra money you could also go with 24 gb 2 x 12 gb kits .. 6 x 4gb and they have that for $320 ..... if your motherboard will support that much
  6. Sorry but how to pick the best answer ? Where is that choice?
  7. Toss a coin! LOL
  8. Hey be serious i want to select the best between your answers but i do not know where is that option
  9. The criteria for selecting a best answer are 1) timeliness, 2) usefulness of information, 3) correctness of information.

    If you are still unsure, that means all answers, or more than one answer was appropriate. In this case, toss a coin.
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