Samsung F3 Invisible?

Hello, my new hard drive came today, a nice new F3 =D

Plugged it in to Sata slot No. 2 so stuff would still boot from HDD No1. In Sata slot 1

no problems, apart from the F3 isn't showing up in My Computer...

Device manager has found it and is giving it welcome hugs with no yellow ?'s.
POST shows it connected to SATA2.
I can look at its options in BIOS.
windows Add New Hardware is saying "oh its fine, its settling in just fine here".

So, what haven't i done to be able to use it :(
or see it in My Computer
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  1. You need to initialise and format it with teh disk manager so it will have a drive letter assigned to it.
  2. A-HA thank yo roald. il go do that now =D

    how or where do i find this?]
  3. That would be under:

    Control panel>administrative tools>computer management>storage (vista)
  4. found it.

    Its under Unallocated.

    I have the option to make a new partition, convert it to a dynamic disk or view its properties...

    i dont mean to be a complete incompetent organic life form, tis ma first time tho
  5. Simply create a new partition. You can read up on the difference between a basic disk and a dynamic disc here:
  6. arrr ok thank you for the fastest response yet =D
  7. You're welcome. I was stuck at work with nothing to do anyway :)

    Happy new year!
  8. aha, to you too.
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