How do i recover a dead external hdd?

I had this firelite 120gb external HDD for 4 years before it died today.

i have tons of pics i took and lots of data from years ago that is precious to me. This external got a switch that enables usb mode or external mode,with usb mode requiring only a usb line,while external mode requiring usb line and a 12v power cord.

i am currently trying the freezer bag+freeze method.the HDD powers up and spins when i connect it to pc thru usb mode,but device manager doesnt see it,and i've been getting tons of device has malfunctioned message on the notifications but chalked it upto my friend's dead hdd i tried to recover.

now my external hdd is dead,as it doesnt light up,although it powers up and hums,and it's not being detected in devices.

There is too much valuable moments that i will never live again stored on that data,but ive no money to pay $2000 for services.anyone with DIY suggestions that was successful with experiences like mine,please help me.
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  1. The only other solution that comes to mind is to get another identical drive to use for parts and make one hopefully good one.

    Here are some links for you to check out.
  2. can you open the case and connect the drive to your MOBO
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