BFG OC'ed 8800GT with another card

I'm looking at an i7 upgrade here soon, and wanted some feedback on my graphics card options. In another thread so far I haven't gotten much feedback, but I was wondering something else about SLI:

The 9800GT and 8800GT are technically the same G92 card, with a few slight alterations. I was wondering: would a 9800GT and 8800GT SLI together? I don't think so, but something tells me to go ahead and ask.

Second, I have a BFG 8800GT that is factory overclocked. I can't seem to find the exact same part number available anywhere, but I have found other 8800GTs for $89-$99. If I was buying all new cards, for that money I'd buy a 4770, but I already have a 8800GT which isn't so far behind a 4770 as I understand, so bang for buck I think I'll get more money out of spending my $99 on another 8800GT and SLI the two together than $99 on just the one 4770.

But about that 8800GT I have: if I put it together with another, non-overclocked 8800GT, the faster card will just clock down to the slower one automatically right? An FAQ posted here says so, but it looks like it was written a few years ago and I'd just like some feedback from other members who may of tried something similiar before.
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  1. An 8800GT is faster than a 4770, if you can get another one then do so don't worry about clock speed or branding it doesn't matter, the only crap ones were the 256mb ones.
  2. Dell Home has a couple of good deals on some Galaxy GeForce video cards:
    Galaxy 9800GT for $65.99
    Galaxy 9600GT for $45.99
    Galaxy 9500GT 1GB for $42.99
    Galaxy 9500GT 512MB $36.99

    best part: no coupons or rebate required credit goes to vannguyen0
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