Ddr2 ram and ddr3 ram speeds.

Looking at some results i found fron anandtech. They show that ddr2 ram running at the same speed as ddr3 is actually faster. So ddr2 800mhz is faster than ddr3 800mhz ram. Why don't they make 1600mhz ram for ddr2 then lol, will be faster than ddr3 1600mhz ram. Or ddr2 can not reach that speed that is why there is ddr3?
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  1. Yep, that is basically it. If you want the full reasoning, google for DDR2 and 3, but essentially it is this. DDR2 can't go much above say 1066MHz. DDR3 can go 2000 (or more?). However, at equal speeds the extra latencies in DDR3 will slow it down, but at higher speeds (1333+) the extra bandwidth gained makes up for it. You can see that the latencies increase in each step, such as 2 for DDR1, 4 for DDR2, 6 for DDR3, though I have heard they aren't really comparable between ram types, but obviously some latencies are added since DDR3 800 is slower than DDR2 800. This is why you usually don't want to buy a new type of ram in its first generation, as it may actually be slower.
  2. why havn't they made ram over 1066mhz for ddr2? Is it because it would require more voltage and motherboards havn't been developed for that? 1066 mhz ram requires 1.9 volts doesn't it? So why not 1600mhz ram. I know ddr2 is being outdated by ddr3. But i wonder why ram over 1066 mhz up to 1600mhz wasn't produced. 800mhz ram for ddr2 is basicly as good as 1066mhz ram for ddr3. I wonder what ddr2 1600mhz ram would be like compared to ddr3 1600mhz. DDR2, AM2+ boards seems like a better budget deal. 4gb 800mhz corsair ram for £42, seems great. Higher speed ram that only has slight performance increases costs much more. The performance increase is silly as well, 5 FPS lol in games. For me, it has to be over 15 fps, 20 prefered before i think it's worth it. 1600mhz ram might do that but that's double 800mhz, costs alot more as well. I only think it's worth buying it if you are buying all of the best components avilable in the market, and having 4 graphics cards to try to run crysis on very hgih settings attempting to scrape 60 fps average, with af and aa enabled on decent levels.
  3. Why don't they just make 25GHz Pentium 4s?

    Consider auto engines. Sure, there were some V-12s out there but no V16s or V24s. At some point you get diminishing returns on any design. Auto-makers set out to optimize the 4 cylinder engine finally and got great results - but those same fixes can create V-8s too - that will trash an old Mopar 440.

    The optimal limit for performance and reliability of DDR2 seems to be 1066 - my RAM is actually 1100 and there is 1200 also. I don't know the reasons for it but you can find out by Googling I'm sure. Accept it! Notice there's no 1066 DDR memory either. (BTW, I run my 1100 RAM at 820 because I get better results from lower latency)

    This is what they do with many ICs - at some point there's no more that can be done with a platform and they have to redesign from the ground up.

    Here's a good article by Tom's that points out you're best off maxing at 1333 DDR3 anyway. And getting low latency. And I'll add, low voltage!
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