GTX 260 TRI-SLI vs. GTX 275 SLI??? Which is better?

I'm buying new video cards, which solution will offer the most performance? More "future proof?"
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  1. 2x GTX 275 w/ 1792mb would "probably" be better.
    They run $285 @ Newegg

    Tri SLI still doesn't scale well compared to normal SLI.

    IF you don't want the 1792mb 275s normal ones would be fine too.
  2. the trio of GTX 260's would own it, just because it has more vram doesn't make it better.
  3. I take my statement about scaling back, I read a review on Guru3D, and it does scale much better than it did before.

    And 3 EVGA 260's are $555 vs. 2 1792mb 275's @ $568 so tri-sli is actually cheaper....

    But you would need a Fast Quad to fully realize the performance so keep that in mind.

    I was too fast to downplay Tri-SLI.
  4. anyone else care to comment? I just ordered all my parts for my new system, E8500, EVGA 780i 3-way SLI MOBO, 4 gigs Reaper OCZ Ram, Corsair 850 watt single rail psu, Xigmatek S-1283 cooler, Antec 900, 750gig Caviar Black HD,

    The only thing in question now is do i go EVGA Superclock TRI-SLI GTX260 for $555 (with rebates) or MSI Frozer SLI - GTX 275 for $518?
  5. 3 260s would generally be better, but unreliable fps since tri and higher is iffy, but its more stalbe than quad.

    I would stick to 1 or 2 very powerful cards than 3 soon to be discontinued cards, especially with Nvidia's lack of flexibility for sli.

    if you have to 275 GTX, but if you want a single card that might be better in the long run 4890 would benefit from more vram or the 285 GTX (but thats exp).

    260 is not a bad card at all, but its lived its life:)
  6. Well, they way i look at is, the GTX 285 is just to expensive right now (although BestBuy just had the BFG OC on sale for $297), To SLI those will cost around $650. Crysis Bench @ 1680x1050 very high is 60fps. The GTX 275 SLI will cost $520 and be somewhere between the GTX 260 & 285 SLI i'm guessing 50-55fps.

    Tri-SLI 260's cost $555 crysis bench 68fps. Yeah there is no more room to upgrade them if i'm using 3 but it will look sweet in my antec case and bragging rights i guess haha...

    So i just bought 3 of these babys...

    What do you guys think?
  7. Anyone? better solution?
  8. Another thing to think about is that 3-way SLI requires more power and produces more heat.
    Personally I would go with two 275's. You can always add a third 275 for 3-way or like a 9800GTX for dedicated Physx in addition to two way 275's.

    I have two GTX 260's and love them. Either way you can't go wrong with Nvidia!

    Best of luck!
  9. Your going to see bad numbers in GTx 260 tri sli.....probably about a third of what you would get with a i7. If your giong to use Triple SLI, you should DEFINETLY get a i7. I've seen yields THREE TIMES as high between this same e8500 and a i7.

    Get a i7 920=$300
    Evga x58 3x sli=~$300~
    Ocz 6gb ddr3 platinum=$160

    Bit expensive, but so is tri sli....
  10. i dont see the point in just jumping and getting sli or even tri sli off the bat. you are kind of nerfing yourself for future upgrades. the 275 sli would be the lesser of two evils, but i think you should get like a 285 now and another when the price comes down later.
  11. Guys look at the last post date, 5 months before!!!!!

    Answers will completely change down the road, you can't even suggest a 285 or 280 or 4870 or anything, you'd be saying 5850 which is in the 285 category for half the price.

    So really thread should be closed:)
  12. goalguy02 - Personally I would go with two 275's. You can always add a third 275 for 3-way .

    You cant 3way SLI 275s, or that would be the best deal.

    for the performance/dollar tri 260 cant be beaten.

    essentially the 260 275 285 are all the same card with memory OCd and a few more shaders.

    their is more head room to OC a 260 than a 275 or 285. so you can get to almost performace, for very low cost.
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