Vista64 + Wifi USB adapter = WONT ENABLE!

This is so bloody fail. Tired 2 different Linksys usb wifi adapters (wusb54gc and wusb600n) and both does the exact same thing. The driver is quickly installed ok BUT I cannot enable the network device. IT goes through the process of enabling but never does. Debuggin bitches about the IPv4 and 6 protocols not there when in fact they are. WLAN services are enabled too Tried using ralink drivers but the os just crashed when trying. These adapters work like a champ in vista 32 so who do i have to kill to find and adapter that has REAL vists64 support?? What am I doing wrong??

PS forget calling linksys support, just another overseas undertrained call center with little to no english.

PLEASE let me know....
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  1. Have you tried disabling IPv4 or 6.

    Linksys has a user forum -- can't be worse than the call centre service you've described.
  2. I think you need updated drivers!!!
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