Having problem starting windows

ok so here is my deal

the wife bough a pre built hp computer from frys while i was deployed a few months ago and i have since come home and am trying to swap out a few parts.

im replacing the mobo and dropping a video card in (the old machine having integrated video) and am having trouble starting windows.

i havent changed any of the default settings

i am new to building a pc this being the first one ive tryed to do it by myself so i just need to know what all i need to do to get it up and running.

its allready assembled, it checks out allright in the POST, the BIOS shows all my drives and i have changed nothing in the BIOS as of yet, havent installed any drivers yet cause frankley i cant figure out how.

and every time i try and start windows i get the message "windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause"

im using the CPU ,RAM, Hard Drive, and disk drive from the old machine
Q6600, 3 1gig sticks of some kinda ram i dont know and 1 2gig stick of samsung. (im sorry but i dont really know much about the hardware that came with the pre built rig)

and am putting it together with a P5E X38 mobo and a Geforce 8400 GS (galaxy) vid card
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  1. Did you disable the onboard video in the BIOS? I had to do that when I switched from integrated video to a new video card. You'll also have to install the drivers for your video card. The drivers are on the cd that came with the video card.
  2. Changing out the motherboard triggers this problem. You could try doing a repair install but your OEM copy of windows was tied to the HP MB/bios, you probably have to give them a call to reactivate your windows.
  3. OH Yeah. I remember now. I also had to call MS in order to reactivate Windows. I think you might be able to do it online also.
  4. ok that makes sense, i dident realize that this copy of windows would be "linked" to my old mobo.

    but how would i "enable" this copy of windows to be used with my new mobo, would i have to go into dos or something? cause right now i obviously cant get online on the machine that wont even start up windows.

    and JohnnyLucky, im replacing the mobo too, and i dont think the new one even has onboard video.
  5. You will have to do a minimum repair install but a full install will be preferred. It is going to give you a limited time to re activate your windows.
  6. did you get a windows disc with it? if not you will have to go out and get on then go on with the repair feature or just reformat and reinstall. if that sound to hard just go to a real computer store and have them do it if you used the same case and still have the windows lic on it they will know what to do.
  7. +1 what rolli59 said - I used my Windows disc to do an install. Windows then gave me a few days to call and enable/reactivate the OS.

    I am growing old disgracefully and I forget things. It's been a while since I did the reactivation. At the time I installed a new motherboard and cpu.
  8. so what ur saying is that I'm going to need a copy of windows in order to resolve this, cause the machine that my wife bought was a floor model and didn't come with any software or manuals.
  9. Yes. Can't do an install without the OS disc. You might try going back to the store where the pc was purchased and see if you can get some help.
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