Dead drives :( ... advice?

Tried to install a new drive - yknow, for backups and that!

... connected a new power line to my power supply, seems to have fried both my new drive and my other 1TB Samsung full of my music, films and archived apps. DOH! :non: :pfff:

System would not boot with them plugged into power, power light flashed briefly and then nothing ... I'm guessing this is when they got fried. Weird... tried them in other power lines with converters etc but no joy.

Both drives appear completely dead, no life at all, no spin up or anything when plugged in. They're both Samsung HD103SJ 1TB... any hope to recover my data off the old drive? I'm hoping if I swap the PCB over from a new version of the drive I can get the data off :( ...
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  1. Bought a new drive, should arrive tomorrow - anyone tried swapping PCBs on modern drives recently?
  2. Strangely, I recently swapped circuit boards in an attempt to revive a dead drive. Same model drives, different revisions. With the boards swapped, neither drive would run.

    So I suspect that your chances are poor unless you can find drives that match them down to the revision level. Your mileage may, of course, vary.

    Absolute bummer that the good deed of setting up backups trashed the system! Have you tried them in another machine? Tried booting the system from a Windows DVD? This might identify if the problem is a fried system or fried disks.
  3. Hmmm yeah thanks for your thoughts - that's the word I get on the net lately... damn! Well I should find out in the next few days once the new one shows up. Old drive was nearly a year old so I doubt I'll have any luck :( ...

    Got the system working again off another drive... yeah those Samsungs are fried, no joy on different PC's / leads etc, totally dead.

    My bad I guess for trying to use internal drives for backups, hopefully my new 2TB external will keep me safe for a bit - once it shows up! Expensive business, computing! :heink:
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