2500k MAX Voltages?

I'm going to OC my i5 2500K on water cooling. I know that PLL voltage shouldn't go past 1.9v, but what do you guys think about CPU Core voltage. Intel says 1.52v, others says that's bull. What's your opinion?
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    Because of this thread I say 1.45v is pushing it.

    I am at 1.3v at 4.5 with Hyperthreading on. ( 2600K )
  2. What do you mean "because of this thread"?
  3. Read Crashman's results.
  4. Oh, sorry! I didn't see the link.
  5. It really depends on the individual chip. You will just have to be willing to push it a bit to see what is stable. As soon as I get my new motherboard I will see what this little 2600K can really do. 4.5 was just my first attempt, and it worked and is blazing fast. I did not even try faster yet.
  6. The one thing about Crashman's post is he doesn't say what the "insane clock" was. He might've been doing 5.7GHz or or playing with a big BCLK overclock or something.

    For an everyday overclock I wouldn't recommend going over 1.4v. Having said that, I ran my 2500K at 1.504v for three weeks and will be returning to that voltage once I get liquid cooling (will be doing that at the same time I swap out for my new mainboard, when ever NewEgg gets them in). If it dies, it dies...
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