Issue when tweaking BIOS Settings.

First off, I wasn't sure in which OC sub forum this should go, so I went with the general one. Also would like to add that I am new to overclocking. I have been doing a lot of reading and things as well.

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So I was able to get stable setting on everything with good temps across the board. My issue is after altering the voltage on the CPU or RAM, if I unplug my PC or shut it down, when I turn it back on it comes on for a second, shuts off for a few seconds, then comes back on. Sometimes after this it says OC Failed. Even if I set the RAM timings and voltage to what it should be, it still does this. So, anyone know what is going on?

I had CPU Core voltage set at 1.2 and my Ram at 2.2 to get it to run @ 1066.

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    You don't need to mess with the ram. I had an e8400 and was running it at 4.0 ghz I never messed with my ram volts I did have to bump the northbridge some to get it stable. I think I have my cpu volts set to 1.32. Try to increase your cpu volts and northbridge until it boots without oc failure. I would run prime95 and see if it really stable. Good luck.
  2. THanks. But why would it only do it upon unplugging the machine? Any Ideas?
  3. Just an update, I have my CPU OCed to 3.4GHz with temps of just below 60C. I dont get the OC failed anymore. I think that was because I never touched my voltages on NB/CPU. I Have the CPU Volts @ 1.3 and I think the NB is 1.2. The ram I set to 2.1 (is what the spec sheet said) And bumped it it to 1066MHz. I ran Prime and got some error, which I googled, and found it was most likely RAM related. I loosened the timings a touch. for 24 Hours on Prime95, it's all stable and cool. I still get the power thing after I plug it back in >.>
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