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Hi all,

I've just become an owner of the HD4770 but the preformance really disappointed me.
It replaced the HD2900XT which actually outpreforms it, although I've asked on here several times if it is actually a better card. In GTA IV I see a little improvement of 2-6 fps ( OC'ed ), or when driving around the fps is the same.
The 3Dmark '06 is lower as the HD2900xt's . ( HD2900XT : 10742 ||||| HD4770 : 10600 "Non OC'd") My rig is shown below in my sig. Could it be the drivers? ( Rev. 9,5 )
Or is it because of CCC using at 3d-settings non-application managed AA and AF ? ( So It forces it to use 4x AA and 8x AF, which was not there while using my HD2900XT ( I guess I turned it off ) ).
overclocking goes great though, without OC'ing the GTA iV is similair/ worse as the HD2900XT.

My clocks of the HD4770 are 850/3929.

Am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. looks like Rivaturner has some poblems with reading clocks as well...
  2. looks like Rivaturner has some poblems with reading clocks as well...
  3. So you are using X4 more AA and X8 more AF, the performance is nearly the same and you are not happy ?
    Well yes thats a hell of a lot of extra quality processing the card is doing so try turning all the AA and AF off on the 4770 or turn it all on on the 2900 and try looking at like for like performance.
    Whats the rest of th esystem like CPU etc ? Its possable that is holding it back.
    I am running a 4770 myself and know where you are coming from but to me the extra quality settings it can run without slowing down at all make it worth it. My CPU E4600 runs at stock 2.4 and i feel no need to clock it to 3.0 for gaming.

  4. Looks like it, I'm retrying GTA IV with these settings turned off again. My specifications are listed below except the HD3200 is now Hd4770
    ( AMD X2 6000+ // 3 Gb DDR2 Kingston @ 800Mhz // Gigabyte mobo )
  5. Yeah, a quad core is recommend for GTA IV.

    IMHO, that's only because GTA IV for the PC is such a crappy port of a console game. It's not nVidia's fault, or ATI/AMD's fault or is it Intel's fault. It's Rockstar's fault.
  6. Thanks , you guys were right! Crysis warhead is way smoother, Team Fortress 2 stayed the same, but less fps drops ( and not so low ). CCC had such weird settings on like triple buffering and all, solid 40+ fps in GTA iV now :D.
    Problem Solved!
  7. Quote:
    By the way theres no such thing as Kingstone memory, its Kingston.

    I was letting that go but as you mentioned it i dont think there is an aplication caller Riva turner either :D

  8. Hahahaha That's pretty Stupid , I'll change it right away.
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