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Sum of u mite have seen my earlier post on if a sound card would boost my e5200.... and in the conclusion, i was not going to buy one for it. So I have another pc from 2005.... Hp Pavillion a100n.
Intel Celeron 2.9ghz socket 478
1gb ram
onboard sound and video
550 watt psu
guppy motherboard

Okay the motherboard only comes with 3 pci slots (thats it). I ran 3dmark 03 and got an extremely awesum score of 66 -.-' ! so i need to improve this as i cannot aford to buy a new motherboard, cpu, ram, and gpu... so i will buy a super cheap graphics and now i need to know if a sound card would help? Okay so the celeron d heats up A LOT just by opening adobe reader 9 lol! so i need to remove more pressure off the cpu so would a sound card do that?? I saw a Dynex 5.1 sound card for like $10! it looked good....

Okay so would a sound card improve overall performance, and if so can i have sum options? Anything below $30 total... newegg, amazon, ebay, tigerdirect, any store is fine.

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    The performance gains from a sound card will be minimal, if any at all.
  2. I would have to second what Scotteq said.
  3. I know its been A LONGGGGGGGGGGG time, but just for other to know, adding a cheap c-media sound card did boost performance... =) helped out a lot in windows xp, but not much in windows 7 (becuase my graphics drivers were not compatible with windows 7)... so yeah i recomend getting after market sound cards even if they are like $15...
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