4870 x2 Core Voltage Adjustment

Hello there i recently downloaded Crysis2 demo and tried to play and terified my good old card is started to falter so i decided to oc it a little and downloaded msi afterburner 2.0.0 and started to oc.
I set the core clock to 800 and memory clock to 900 i created a auto fan control chart now i just need to adjust the voltage its running at 1062v on idle i change it to 1262 but it seems to still working at 1062 on idle when its on load it changes tho don't know much about it which voltage setting is best for my card. Also im using a accelero xtreme so its running quite good with theese settings it was at 65C while playing Crysis2 then i got a freeze but i played around 20-30 minutes dont know what happend anyways i'll just write down the system i have maybe it has something to do with something

p6t Dluxe mainboard
i7 920 cpu
3x2gb ddr3 OCZ gold "dont remember spesific information about"
im using win7 64bit if its needed

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  1. I set my voltage at 1.2 on my 5850 and it runs at about 65 degrees / fan at 45%
    The voltage automatically adjust when you set it with MSi and that what u want. Other wise you'd be overvolting an idle card/s

    Sounds like you just where you need to be, as long as its stable and you not going over your degrees u want to stay at like 65-75 your all good.
  2. thanks for the info im grateful
  3. no prob
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