500 - 1200$ work at home and gaming pc need hardware recommendations

Hey all,

I'm looking to set up a new system for myself and not spend much more than around 1200, less if I can. It's primary use will be for working out of the house for a call center taking calls for infomercials, although I would like ability to get into some gaming again (I was a huge CS nerd for a while heh).

I prefer to use newegg for buying parts but any links to other sites will be most appreciated.

I can buy parts in sequence over the next month or so and it does not need to be built tomorrow but I'm trying to have it finished in the next month or two. I have already purchased a case and it is on the way.

The most important thing I want to ask is power supply input, what brands are the best to stick with and most importantly the ones to avoid.

I stopped building pc's when I bought a power supply off craigslist(new sealed in the box), an x-power 800w, It was for a whole new system with over $1600 invested, hooked it all up and it turned on for about 2 seconds before it went to sleep forever... I really want to avoid this from happening again.

I'm trying to stick to Intel for CPU, and am not sure if I want to go quad core or not so advice on this is helpful as well. I'd like to stay in 1333mhz FSB and have a decent cache as well.

For motherboards the thing I am looking for help with is the chipsets that dont f**k up as I have bad experience with this in the past. (PT880 anyone?)

I guess this goes with the motherboard but are there any raid controllers to stay away from? I've only ever used silicon valley controllers but havent been in the pc circuit for about 2 years now.

I dont need much help with HD's im looking to set up a stripe with probably around 500gb of space and there isnt much to look at there. The same could be said about video cards, I dont think I will use SLI or XFIRE yet but may in the future if anyone has anything to say about this it would be apprecaiated.

Memory is the same, I know what to look for there but any advice is helpful.

I guess I dont need much else help for the rest of parts, I can find a monitor and all the other accessories.

**On a side note I am A+ certified(if that actually means anything anymore, what a waste of $500 lol), and I am a finance guru(becoming a CFP) so if anyone wants to send me a pm asking for some financial advice in return for helping me with advice for my system I would be glad to do so.
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  1. On another note, I'm thinking that maybe the video card is not important at this point as long as I have a motherboard that will support a good upgrade in 6 months or so I can just pick up a cheap PCI-E card and play some older games, (i love the old Caesar 3 lol), most importantly I'm looking for the best CPU, Power Supply, and most of all Motherboard setups that will keep my system running good for the next year or two.
  2. i7 920 build I think, with a 4770 so you can crossfire it later.
  3. E7400
    Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L
    4GB DDR2 800
    WD Caviar Black 640GB x2
    Cooler Master 690
    Corsair VX450

    I don't know anything about RAID cards, just that the good ones are very pricey. What type of RAID are you going to be using?
  4. Im going to set up a Stripe
  5. After looking at the i7 920, why is the L2 cache so small? wont that be a bottleneck if I start trying to process some multi-media apps?

    No just kidding...but yeah you should get familiar with amd...

    I recommend the phenom II 720 over the e7400 all day...i suggest some benchmark googling that will show you just how much more powerful it is over the 7400...considering it beats the e8400/8500/8600...best bang for buck but then again considering what you want to run you don't need much of a cpu in the first place...a i7 920 is WAAAAYY more then what he needs and is really just a way of finding cash to burn on this build....

    If you really want the best buy i would go with a 720 and down the road if you find the need for some serious power and 4 cores you can upgrade to the 955 or whatever has been released or dropped in price by then etc...
  7. Kustom42 said:
    After looking at the i7 920, why is the L2 cache so small? wont that be a bottleneck if I start trying to process some multi-media apps?

    I think that the small L2 cache is because of the large L3 cache. There's no need to worry about a bottleneck; the i7 will eat any multimedia application (especially video editing) alive.
  8. If I look at AMD shouldnt I stick with only AM3 sockets? Isnt AM2 on its way out?
  9. I looked at the Phenom II X3 720, and noticed it is a triple-core cpu. I was told that general rule of thumb is to stick with even numbers in computers are triple-cores actually worht spending the money because of the larger cache (6mb as opposed to 4mb on quads) or is the quad core the better way to go?
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