New build variation, tell me what you think.

Okay, so my CM-690 is on its way. I was reading around and a Core i7 would only go a little over budget, and maybe not even considering prices may drop when I actually buy the internals. If I want to drop the price a little, I can switch to 4gb ram. This way my pc will probably last longer than the with the Ph II 720.. Have a look.

CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX - $109.99
Intel Core i7 920 - $349.99
GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R - $260.49
XIGMATEK Dark Knight - $49.99
XFX GeForce GTX 260 - $250.49
OCZ 6GB DDR3 1333 - $116.99
Western Digital Caviar Black 650gb - $99.99
SAMSUNG Black 22X DVD+R - $29.99

Current total: $1,267.92 CAD
After rebates: $1207.92 CAD
Total after shipping/tax: $1,377.56 CAD
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  1. Why get IDE DVD when you can get SATA? NCIX shipping is cheaper. If you're outside of BC, you pay 5% tax.

    The rest looks good.
  2. Honestly I didn't even take a look at the samsung I just picked it out so I could go to bed (~1:00 am). I live in BC, but I didn't know about the price matching on ncix.
  3. I'd get the P6T SE instead, it will allow for a full 12gb of ram in triple channel.
  4. Corsair TX750W - $129.99
    Intel Core i7 920 - $355.99
    ASUS P6T SE - $269.99
    XFX GeForce GTX 260 - $249.99
    Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB - $103.12
    Samsung SH-S223F Black 22X - $32.43

    Current total: $1,141.51
    With shipping: $1,159.89

    $10 more, I don't see how a better mobo would hurt, thanks. I held off on a cpu cooler so I can do that another time, I didn't add any ram because the OCZ 6gb was out of stock and I may drop to 4gb. This is all before taxes and price matches. The XFX 260 is $220 with rebates! Anything else to add?
  5. Nope. YOu're good to go.
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