My computer has no power and I want to find out what type of motherboard and com

I am working on two seperate computers and one does not power up. I would like to identify the motherboard, BIOS, cpu, etc to see if it is worth working on. Is there a way to do this by numbers that are on the parts or the way the motherboard is laid out, etc. I am a student so I'm sorry if I sound dumb but I need to know this informatino before I waste my time replacing parts. It has a numbered on several labels on it and there are numbers on the BIOS and then it has an Intel processor with some numbers. The motherboard is Award and has a label stuck on it with the numbers 311 IG0248. This may be something that the original owner put on it. I'm not sure. Please help!

Thanks, Darlene Sage
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    Remove the cpu or memory; either one will tell you if your board has enough speed to justify the cost. Many memory sticks have the id label intact; pc133 is old sdram, and motherboards are harder to find; pc2100-pc3200 has enough speed to warrant further investigation; and ddr2 is labeled at 3200-8500. For the cpu, any upright cpus such as the Intel p3 450 up to the original athlons that sit in a slot looking like a large memory stick with a cover aren't worth salvaging; they use pc133 sdram. All newer cpus will sit flat and have a square shape. And newer power supplies will have at least 220 watts; Anything less I would toss out. The faster p3's will also be square shaped and use sdram; their value is for internet use only.
  2. Thanks so much for the information. It was very helpful.
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