"display driver atikmdag stopped responding..." error

i experienced the same problem in my computer.
i've been receiveing black windows in few games (Battlestations Pacific, The Sims 3,Grid, Dirt), and then the game crashes to desktop and the message "display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered" is popped in the taskbar.
my system is:
Vista Ultimate 64 bit
Intel Core i7 920
HD4870 1024MB
3*1024mb DDRIII ram

i really be glad if you have solution to this problem :)
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  1. are you currently overclocking the card? is so, try dropping the clocks a little. I had that problem if my memory was set too high.
  2. I had the same problem, but on Windows 7 and only in Left 4 Dead and Sid Meier's Railroads. The driver crashes and restarts, and goes on like normal. I think it fixed itself, though, as I haven't had the problem in a while.
  3. i didn't do any overclock to the card, anyway his clocks are:
    GPU Clock: 800MHZ
    Memory Clock: 925MHZ

    it's look like the card is overclocked? maybe from the the factory?

    Thanks for your help,
    wish to solve this problem :)
  4. Disable the Catalyst AI or have it on standard.It is not known to run well with x fire and usually is best left off.The driver that stops responding is nothing to do with nvidea drivers and is a known issue along with the million others they pop up with.
  5. it's a brand new computer, i didn't had an nvidia card before.

    i don't have cross fire... still disable the Catalyst AI? (how i do it?)

    thank you for your help,
  6. Its in your CCC under 3D then you will see it in the list.

    The latest drivers are supposed to fix a lot of the issues with the cards so on a single you should be ok if you update the drivers.

    Also under overclocking settings you can manually set the fan speed higher to keep it cooler even if you dont actually want to overclock the card itself.
  7. it's already on "standard", i checked it now.
    the latest drivers didn't help to solve the problem (9.5).

    i will try to increase the fan speed, and also tomorrow i will clean the graphic card from dust... maybe it's caused by tempature.
  8. This is TDR triggering, far as I know the software bugs (provided you have all the drivers installed correctly, and only one version...) were resolved a while ago for nvidia and ATI on vista.

    Thus, 99% of the time when this occurs it is actually working properly and indicating a hardware fault (bad GPU, bad overclock somewhere, bad memory, etc..). Generally though this happens with a bad overclock, or a simply broken card.
  9. Sigh.. I didn't say the issue is ONLY hardware, I said it is usually hardware IF you install the drviers correctly... Having nvidia drivers on your computer at the same time as having ati drivers is not in my definition of correctly installed.. In fact that is about as f'd up as one can make thier drivers... It isn't a software 'bug' in that case either, it is the users own fault for having the other instnaces of drivers.. We can't go around blaming every error we see on "bugs due to x" when x is directly related to our ineptness at computer use. If one does not realise that oign from nvidia to ati requires driver cleaning this may very well be the least of their worries.

    My point was there used to be substantial driver problems on a correctly set up system that caused TDR to trigger mistakenly, which have almost all been corrected with vista updates, and new ATI/Nvidia drivers. Thus, if you have elimitated the possibility of a bad driver install it is logical to conclude that the issue is probably hardware (or OC) related and not a bug at all (TDR is actually tellign you something is wrong as it is suppsoed to).

    I thought I was clear in my first post but let me add some emphasis for everyone..

    "This is TDR triggering, far as I know the software bugs (PROVIDED YOU HAVE THE DRIVERS INSTALLED CORRECTLY, AND ONLY ONE VERSION...) were resolved a while ago for nvidia and ATI on vista."

    Right on top of the list for incorrectly isntalling drivers would be:

    - Having more than one isntance of GPU drivers isntalled
    - Not cleaning after going from brand to brand
    - Installing the wrong driver

    And so on, I really don't think that it is required for me to list all of the possibilities.. But obviously Zip, if you have Nvidia drivers with your ATI drivers you are not in the category of "correctly isntalled" drivers....

    Sorry for ranting.. understand my statement before you call me wrong please. While you fixed the error YOU had by sweaping nvidia drivers.. this is only possible if you had a bad isntall in the first place. Certainly a sweap and a reinstall are a good palce to start, but these methods only work if the user has made a mistake with the driver install in the first place.. For the rest of teh people looking for help (many who have never had an Nvidia card in thier system, like the OP) hardware is where they need to be looking for issues.

    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.. if people who don't ahve nvidia cards are isntalling nvidia drivers and complaining about an issue there are a thousand other things we have toa ddress first before I even mention TDR.

    And becuase I like metaphors to point out logical inconsistency:

    If person A is complaining about their computer not powering up, most of us woudl tell them to think about gettign a new PSU (or at least look at it). The equivalent in this situation to what Zip said would be someone calling everyone who claimed that the PSU must be bad is dead wrong becasue all they had to do was plug it into the wall to fix the issue. Oviously the TDR issue is more complicated, and sure, I can't assume teh same level of knowledge when it comes to wiping drivers as I can assume everyone has teh computer plugged in. But it is very much te same kind of thing.. At least some assumption of fore knowledge has to be made... I assumed that users understood what correctly installign drivers meant.. if the OP does not then he is free to ask what I mean when I said it as a condition of my statement on it probably being a hardware issue...
  10. ok,
    so a little update:
    i have tried to increase the fan speed manualy from the ATI drivers, and it's almost disappear the problem, i mean that there was less black screen then i got before and the game didn't crash... i think all of this is caused because of tempature, and i'm going to clean up the PC from inside in few more days, i think this will solve the problem.

    i repeat- it's a brand new computer and i didn't had nvidia card before.

    if the cleaning will help to solve the problem for good, i will update the situation in few more days.

    Thank you for all your help :)
  11. have u tried ccleaner to clean your registry?
  12. my chipset is intel X58.

    it's probably not a problem of tempature, i cleaned up the computer yesterday and today i got a crash... (Battlestations Pacific)

    i will try ccleaner later to see if it's help...
  13. Time to follow your own advice. :sarcastic:
    I fixed the error simply by sweeping all nvidia files from my computer.
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