Looking to upgrade to cooler, quieter, cleaner parts...

Current system:

Antec 900
E8400 (stock)
4 GB RAM (4 x 1 GB at 800 mhz)
Unexciting, but efficient Gigabyte motherbard
GTX 260 (stock)
X-Fi soundcard (Xtreme Music maybe?)
One Seagate hard drive
A non-modular 610 watt power supply made by PC Power and Cooling

Long story short, I'm fairly happy with my current set up, but am interested in cleaning up my semi-rat's nest of a case and eventually upgrading my graphics card and perhaps even my processor. I'm not a fan of overclocking, but I do enjoy a cool, clean and quiet build. I'm thinking that a stronger and modular power supply is the first place to start. Any suggestions for a modular power supply and what to do afterwards would be more than appreciated. Money is not a huge problem, but I also want to be reasonable. Thank you ahead of time.
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  1. what country do you live in and what is your preffered site for parts?

    just asking because some components aren't available in certain parts of the world.
  2. Do you have any idea which video card(s) and cpu you might want to purchase?
  3. I live in the USA and prefer newegg.

    Regarding future graphics cards... Realistically, I'll probably either wait for the non-reference GTX 285 / HD 4890 to significantly drop in price, or if I am patient enough, see what the next generation offers.

    Regarding future processors... I'm open to anything (Core i5, AMD x3, etc.), but for simplicity's sake, will most like go with a Core 2 Quad that my current motherboard supports (ex - Q9650 or Q9550S). Notably, this hypothetical upgrade is one of the last things on my mind, as I am fairly statisfied with the E8400.
  4. Anybody...?
  5. Hmmm.... If you are positive you're only going to use one video card, then a high quality 500 or 550 watt power supply such as the Antec Earthwatts EA500 or the Corsair VX550 would be good choices. Both can handle any single video made and then some. Here are links to the technical reviews over at jonnyguru.com:



    If your are contemplating using two video cards in dual CrossFire or dual SLI mode plus overclocking, then you would be looking at a high quality 750 watt power supply such as the Antec Truepower New 750 or the Corsair TX750. Here are the links to the technical reviews over at jonnyguru.com:



    Seasonic and PC Power and Cooling also have high quality psu's.
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