I7 920 motherboard

I'm building my first computer and I need help choosing a motherboard.

I'm thinking about:
i7 920
2x GTX 285
6gb ddr3 ram
antec p193, antev 1200 or Coolermaster HAF 932... any recommendations?

What motherboard for the i7 would be best and do all the cases above fit the two gtx 285's snuggly?
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  1. Go to a couple of major motherboard mfg sites and compare their boards. I recommend Gigabyte and Asus as starting points. You can choose several boards at the Gigabyte site and compare them directly.

    Once you have a few boards with features you like, then look for those features at a popular sales site like Newegg. Compare the prices and the quality of the makers.

    Once you have a couple or 3 favorites, look them up on google and see what problems others have had with them - keeping in mind that 1000s may have perfect results for each complaint. Search this site for mentions of the model number. Download and read the manuals for each cover-to-cover!!!

    And come back and ask about the specific boards then.
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