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I have installed a new motherboard. The old drive boots up to the loading-bar of windows xp then asks for safe mode, last good config etc...Tried all and it loops. I had ATI drivers in this drive, could they be the cause?

I dont really want to reboot and I can acess the drive from here (I backedup some files) so I dont know why it does this. How can I determine problems, uninstall old drivers (including mobo) on SLAVE drive?

throw something at me guys, sorry for the dodgy spelings i'm tanked up
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  1. is this in the right section btw?
  2. Did you install the same board as your old one? If not you might have to reinstall windows.
  3. Hi chris, the board isn't the exact same brand and model but the processor socket and architecture is the same.

    the only problem is that the drive still has the old motherboard drivers on, and video drivers...can they be uninstalled? i have connected this drive as a slave now and have access.
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