Pc2700 compatobility issues with Asus A7s333 ??

Is anybody aware of compatibility issues between Kingston 1 GB pc2700 and the Asus A7s333. I tried installing 2 sticks, separately they work fine, all the slots check out, the sticks are matched. When I install them together ( tried every configuration) the bios works but then the screen goes blank, no error messages just blank screen. Im thinking this board just can't handle pc2700 thinking of investing in 3 1GB pc2100 sticks. if you know of any problems with these please let me know
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  1. Many older boards have a limit of 1-2 gb; If 512 gb is the max for each slot, then 2 gb may put it over the limit.
  2. you should be fine, try bumping the mem voltage and seeing if that fixes it

    The ASUS A7S333 has 3 DIMM slots to support up to 2GB PC2700 and up to 3GB PC2100/1600 non-ECC DDR SDRAM
  3. hi markb
    i have the same problem using two 1 gb ram stick tougether in my asus a7s333 motherboard. if only one it works probablly, witch each stick. they are exactly the same size and manifacturer pc 2700
    please tell me how you manage this problem to my e mail adress too.


    if there is any body who got an working answer better then those shown here please feel free to contact me
    grezz to any body tom
  4. I recently tried to upgrade my oldest PC, which happens to have an ASUS A7S333 MB, and I'm running into a similar issue.

    I have 2 Matched 1GB crucial DDR PC2700 sticks, and I cannot get the PC to do much more then load into BIOS when I have them both in. They show up in BIOS but even it acts clunky and slow. Also if I run Memtest86 with both sticks in, it barely loads and then it crawls.

    Normally with 1 stick of RAM I see values in Memtest86 such as

    128 MB Level 1 Cache 8,000 Mb/s
    256 MB Level 2 Cache 2,500 Mb/s
    1024 Memory 259Mb/s
    (these are approximations)

    If I can get it running with 2 sticks of Memory it looks like this

    128 MB Level 1 Cache 8 Mb/s
    256 MB Level 2 Cache 8 Mb/s
    2048 Memory (no speed even listed)

    At which point the test crawls so slowly that its still 15% into test #3 5 hours later

    Now I have tested each stick thoroughly and each stick works individually in any of the 3 slots alone with no problems. No combination of 2 slots however will seem to work properly.

    My next plan is to try updating the BIOS, I believe I'm at version 1006, but I got held up with long days at work and not having a way to create a bootable DOS disk/CD (I just need to install the software and/or find the blanks). I plan to install BIOS 1017 I believe when I can.

    If anyone else has any other thoughts, I'd be interested. I was going to try PC 2100 but I don't have any laying around and don't want to blow another $70 on this PC really, when I'd have no other use for the RAM if it doesn't fix the issue.
  5. hi tecninja i d manage this problem by using on 1 gb ram stick in the first slot, one 512mb ram stick in the second slot and at least one 256 mb ram stick in the third slot so i have 1,75 gb of ram and the pc probably works korrekt without no problems. this amount of ram seems to bee enough for the most programms and normal games under windows xp prof. well to to mannage the ram to clear in the backgrund i installed ram booster. so all programmfiles that are not even more in use will be automaticly removed fom the ram. it works totally good. you can use different manufactured rams.
    if you do so you will have fun with your ASUS A7S333.
    hope to help you
    greez tom

    ps the best is you do not hav to upgrade the bios.
    i have an aswer from the manufacturer ASUS about this problem. he says that you could only use a specially kind of ram witch is standing in the handbook of the board. but they are really expensiv and hard to get. so i dont miss the rest of 256 mb ram and the less speed. i dont feel any differents between
    333 or 266 mhz. you know if you use mor than 2 slot the board automaticly turns slower from 333 mhz to 266 mhz. but it dosent matter. :bounce:
  6. I get the impression the "official response" then, is that their MB doesn't actually support what they claim in the specs. Since I'm only using 2 slots, I should be able to have PC2700, and 1GB is listed as being an accepted size module.

    At any rate I'm not likely to buy any more RAM for this PC to accommodate some crazy requirement for 3 different sized sticks of RAM. I may have a single 512mb PC2700 stick in another PC I may try using that with 1GB and see if it will boot with 2 sticks, 1GBx1 and 512x1.

    Also I may mess around with the speeds and voltages some to see if I can find a stable 2GB configuration.
  7. I think this MB only handles 2600 - the 333 was just a marketing ploy. Try it with the slower memory if you have any and see what happens.
  8. pikeman said:
    I think this MB only handles 2600 - the 333 was just a marketing ploy. Try it with the slower memory if you have any and see what happens.

    if you run memory rated for a higher speed than the board can support then it will run at the lower speed no need for different ram
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