I7-920 and 2x Radeon HD 5850

Is the CPU fast enough to fully take advantage of the graphic cards? Or should i OC? And can i OC without buying a cooling system?

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Dangerous oc use stock cooling, your system need higher psu for x2 5850.., ueach problem bottleneck,
    Minimum oc your cpu at 3.7ghz and gpu still default,
    I think use single card and little oc cpu better for you
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    Yes, grab a water cooler turn off hyper-threading, set multiplier at 20 and get the CPU up to about 3.6Ghz -- 3.8Ghz then hook up crossfire with the 5850s they perform almost as good as a 5870 that is if they work right and the games use them.
    I just got a sweet water cooling system for 130.00

    Have you tried the bios mod for 5850 ?check out mines
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