HDD problem with HD Tune screenshots

I had this HDD as my primary OS HDD with Win7 64bit, intitally running on IDE mode. Then I switched to AHCI mode.

The benchmarks are weird, don't understand why is the performance that bad. Now on Microsoft AHCI driver as what the forums recommended not to use AMD SATA/AHCI Drivers.

I experienced slow booting and shutdown time with AMD AHCI driver

Below are HD Tune screenshots done without any running programs and without any background programs that write/read data even disabled AV protection.

The specs are as follows.

HDD: Seagate 250GB 7200.10 SATA2 ST3250620AS
Sata cable: Silverstone CP04 SATA Cable

Mobo: 939A790GMH
Northbridge: AMD 790GX
Southbridge: AMD SB750

On IDE mode

On AHCI mode AMD AHCI driver Test #1

On AHCI mode AMD AHCI driver Test #2

On AHCI mode AMD AHCI driver

Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller
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  1. Indeed not stellar performance; try CrystalDiskMark benchmark.
  2. i had also noticed this warning the "Health" tab. Reallocated Sector Count.
    it's been increasing by 5-10 every now and then. Is it normal? My laptop using a Toshiba HDD has 16.

  3. The value increased to 196 in 1-2 weeks. Is it a sign of early failure?
  4. Be prepared to replace the drive. :-(
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