Which of these cards is best for me?

I'd like to be able to run some basic older games, but I don't really need a gaming video card. I just need a half decent video card that is preferably under $50. I only have a 305W PSU, so that is definitely a factor. These are two cards that I was looking at, but any other card recommendations are welcome. Thanks for the help!


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  1. I'm running windows XP. its a H305P-00 psu. Here's a picture of the plugs that it has.

  2. Depending on the card you may need a molex to 6pin? power adapter....whatever the power plug may be on your soon to buy card...

    So now list the rest of your system specs and what you would like to play and at what settings in detail....in one post...
  3. I'm not really concerned about gaming, mainly just need the OpenGL 2.0 for photoshop. I just want to be sure that when I get either of these cards that they will work and that they will be able to connect properly to my psu. The specs on the cards at newegg say nothing about the number of pins for the power connector. And more specifically what system specs do you want?
  4. Do you mind mail in rebates ?

    Of the two cards you listed the 8600 is better, but if I were you I'd shoot for a 9500GT. The 9500Gt will give you 35-50% better performance than the 8600GT.
  5. I would probably get something along the lines of this....it will give you really good performance in older games and even some newer games like Bioshock/Half life 2/portal and it doesn't require plugging up to the psu....so you won't need any kind of molex adapter.....


    and why this over the 9500gt....http://www.overclock.net/graphics-cards-general/432864-9500gt-vs-ati-4650-a.html

    If you overclock this 4650 it will give an even better beating to the 9500gt :D
  6. I don't mind mail in rebates at all, the only reason I'm going for the lower end cards is because of my crappy psu. Do you think 305W will handle a 9500GT?
  7. The only question is if you use a PCIex16 graphic card slot or an AGP slot. We'd need to know your system if you're not positive which one your motherboard has. If it's a PCIex16 i'd go with a HD4650. A bit more expensive, but will have a longer usable life then your other choices.

    wow, rewindlabs and I posted at about the same time and both picked the exact same card. So +1 ^ to rewindlabs.
  8. Ha yeah :kaola:

    I didn't even think of asking...he was already looking at pcie cards :sweat:
  9. haha seems like the HD4650 is the way to go, thanks guys. I'm 90% sure that its a PCIex16 but ill definitely check before I order the card. And not plugging it into the psu is a plus.
  10. I only recommended the 9500gt because I knew it to have amazingly low power requirements. The Radeon 4650 is much nicer, but I dunno exactly how much power it needs.
  11. Get a 4650. It is better than a 9500GT, you can run it on a 305watt PSU (which is what I am doing), and it costs around $55-$60
  12. Go ATI Go ATI...do i get commision for making that sale?
  13. Why yes...yes you do

    It will be mailed in four to six months
  14. ^ After you've mailed your name, address, phone number, and date of sale to the ATI headquarters...along with the UPC & retail code of the product he actually buys.

    The money will be in the form of a rebate, so if you even get 1 letter wrong, you don't get anything.
  15. My grammer is parfect.....
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