Asus 4870 1 gig Crashing problems

Greetings everyone i've been having an issue with my new system. In some games such as mass effect it will randomly crash, i'm not talking just the game full blown computer restart, I get a d601 red light however i know it's not my PSU. I've uninstalled the video drivers completly multiple times and reinstalled useing the Suite here

Processor:AMD phenom II X4 940 Socket am2+(940)
Core Voltage 1.424v
Video card is a Asus 4870 1 gig Dark Knight.

At first I was finding that it could be a "powerplay" issue so i set my clock speed fixed at 750 and memory clcok at 900, fan speeds i set to 80% through rivatuner, This is my first time posting so if u need more info please tell me, As well as using GPU-z i watched my temeperatures wile playing mass effect and fear on highest graphics,

GPU temp- 65c
GPU temp Dispio- 69
GPU temp MEMIO- 78
GPU temp Shadercore- 68
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Test your memory with memtest86+.
    Have you set the proper memory voltage?
    Please tell us more about your memory.
  2. Are you overclocking? (I am not familiar with Phenom II voltages but that is way higher tan my Core 2, so i'd assume you are)

    That kind of hard crash is synonomous with a bad OC, bad memory, or a PSU that can't handle the pressure under load. Sice you ahve eliminated th ePSU from teh problem list.. Memtest it up.. it tests the cpu a good bit as well.. If you get an error start fiddling with memory and CPU settings!
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