Transfer rates Extremely slow (from mobo ethernet port)

Im upgrading my system to windows 7 64 bit and im running 32 bit vista so i needa back up my files. so my dad has a 1TB raid 1 server i believe and i hardwired it to my comp via ethernet cable. My mobo says its transfer speed is about 1gigabit/sec? which my dad says is bout 120 MB/sec so i should be transfering at that speed or like 100 but im transfering at like 8MB/sec... can someone please help me out i dont no why this is. Also when i open task manager and go to networking it says Adaptername: Local Area connection. Network utilization: ~7%. Link speed: 1 Gbps. State: Connected

Also this is just another question i had i used the Windows 7 upgrade advisor and it says im compatible for 32 bit everything except my wireless netword card (its a 802.11g Wireless PCI card made by Texas Instruments, so its pretty old :P )and in 64 bit it just says compatibility unknown. do you guys think itll work...cause i really dont want to spend money on a new network card=\ Also im running a 2.6 GHz 9950 black edition AMD CPU incase you were wondering and 2gig of ram but plan on upgrading so figured id put 64 bit on now.

Thanks in advance,

John :D
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  1. The estimates you give sound right to me, the 1Gb/s being 120MB/s, etc. Usually the file transfer speed can be affected by how the router is set to prioritize its use. If it's set to put Internet traffic first, for example, and file transfer (I believe usually called ftp) at a much lower priority, then you may get those results. By opening the router setup you can likely change this and get faster results.

    How are you getting the 8MB/sec speed estimate?

    I just got a "n" wireless PCI card and it's not got a Windows authorized driver, so I expected the Win 7 Advisor to flag it, but it didn't. What I would do is to do your best to find an updated driver for that card now but otherwise just wait and see if it'll work after you install the Win7. And be ready to replace it then if needed. Heck, my N card was less than $20.

    Also, since you've got the hard-wire in place at the moment for access to the network, you'll be in good shape to download from sources once you finish the install of Win7.

    I recommend visiting the Windows 7 forum here at Tom's and read thru the threads there - I've been doing so myself even tho I won't be upgrading for a couple of months. Good stuff and reliable info.
  2. well actually because i dont have a wire run through the house i brought the server to my comp and attached it with a ethernet cable to my mobo no router and the 8MB/sec estimate is from just watching what it says when it transfers the speed of it. im running vista so maybe if ur running xp it doesnt show that but ya :P and ya well at this speed i have bout 400GB to transfer over so i wont be doin it till the weekend with the amount of time the transfers will take so plenty of time to read up on it :D and the problem is if it doesnt work then i wont have internet....and im screwed and getting a new card might take awhile + ill have to hear it from my parents on how i couldnt just keep vista even tho its the worst OS possible :P
  3. Well, I dunno. But I think a perfect place for the server AND the router is next to your compuer!!!

    Last time I did computer-to-computer transfers was back in the dark ages - when drives had less than a GB of capacity! I always just go for popping a drive into the system when I want to back up. Or using an external USB drive. And that's what I'll do when upgrading/formatting with Win7 too.

    You're in opposite position from my nephew. His dad let him upgrade to Win7 last weekend - despite the fact he had homework undone and more importantly, unprinted. So I had to rush to find the new 64-bit drivers for him Sunday evening when my sis got home and found the mess.

    Good luck and sorry I don't have a better answer.

    Geez... 8MBs a second is 500MB/min or 30GBs/hr. Let it run overnight and you'll be done when you get home from school tomorrow.
  4. ya was planning on this =P but some of the files have some errors transfering but anyways im in no rush anymore since i have a lot of things to be done cleaning up and organizing my comp =D also i gotta try to get that wifi card=P
  5. Find out what chipset the wireless card is based on and see if you can find any compatible drivers for it. My card is Realtek's RTL8190 and they don't have drivers, but seem to be many out there already. My mfg doesn't list one yet.

    Win7 Advisor says:
    Realtek RTL8190 802.11n Wireless LAN (Mini-)PCI NIC
    Action recommended
    Before installing Windows 7, go to the device manufacturer's website to download the latest driver for this device. After installing Windows 7, install the saved driver.

    Likely same message you're getting.
  6. well the message just plainly says something like" this is not compatible with windows 7" so i can only assume it wouldnt work period but i mean i dont think the OS should make a huge difference in my opinion i think it believes it isnt compatible is because its a verryyy old card like years before vista even came out and probably doesnt even recognize it period. even if i google the card its hard to find and the driver is literally impossible to find for it =\ its crazy every website has some random requirement to download this "ghost" file.

    I tried running the advisor again right now to get exactly what it said but its taking forever but i no it said its not compatible cause it said that other response with some of my video drivers or w.e :P
  7. OK, sounds like it's a deader then.

    I got this card:

    It's a n card with g and other compatibility. Works great with the router 2 ft away is all I can say now!!! Shows 150Mbps for n and 54 for g.

    I've emailed the maker, Encore, about Win7 drivers, we'll see what they say. But I really don't expect a problem, the chipset is a widely used one by Realtek.

    I don't download any driver files requiring me to register or do other things generally - although I've had a login for Driverguide for 12 yrs and and found good things there if willing to dig to find it. Never had a problem with any files there.
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