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I added a PCI network card. When I booted up 3-4 hours later my computer started to slow down and my graphics seems slow font will show large and goes back to normal. Thought there's virus or spyware but I check and found none. I check FIOS speed and is usual fast normal speed but page and everthing seems slow. Went to check the conncetions of the card. when I booted the computer it will not boot anymore. I heard 1 long beep and 2 short. So I thought it's the video card. I went ahead and got another video card and install it but still giving me that same beep code.
Is it something else ? did I bust the motherboard? I'm running Vista Home premium 2GB memory, Core 2 Duo CPU, Video card BFG GeForce 250 PCIex16.
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  1. Followup: I remove all the stuff inside so I only have the CPU, mobo, fan and it still gives me the same code? I remove Memory, HD, videocard, network adapter. I don't know if this make sense. Please help.
  2. The beeps indicate that there is a problem with the videocard. Make sure your videocard receives enough power. Leave just the cpu, videocard, and ram and see what's happening.
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