Connecting HDTV to Video Card with Component?

I recently purchased a new HDTV and would like to be able to connect my computer up to it. I have an nVidia GTX 260 graphics card which has 2 DVI ports and what looks to be an S-Video port. The card came with a connector that fits into the S-video port and turns it into a component connection.

I am wondering whether or not I will get 1080p signal if i connect my card to my TV using a component cable. I know that component cables can deliver 1080p signal, but since the component adapter fits into an s-video port I'm wondering if I'll get 1080p signal out of it.

I would like to avoid buying an HDMI cable if possible because my computer is about 20 feet away from my TV and well... we all know the prices of HDMI cables!

Does anyone know what kind of signal I would get if I bought a component cable to hook up to my component adapter on my card?
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  1. No it will not do 1080p...your hdtv should have dvi or vga in....
  2. Unfortunately it does not have a DVI in. It only has HDMI, Component, and an "RGB PC" port which appears to be VGA.
  3. vga is rgb...its the same....use the vga port...a super long vga cable should cost less than an hdmi cable....

    buy yourself some headphones and go to war...
  4. Will a vga connection deliver 1080p signal to my TV? If so, what would the benefit of an HDMI cable be?
  5. Why not get a DVI --> HDMI cable and call it a day?

    -Wolf queries
  6. Video-card COMPONENT (through Video Dongle) to HDTV-Component

    It will work... I managed to make it on 8800GT 512 OC, GTX280 nvidia card
    My PC Setup is on 1080P
    My games run on 1080P
    I watch HDTV, Blue-Ray, HD-DVD in 1080P

    I'm using a 4890 XOC right now but on DVI/HDMI-to HDTV.

    The quality of the video is the same between COMPONENT and HDMI. The condition to make this TRUE is that i use a good quality COMPONENT cable and the cable lenght is short.

    Go for DVI/HDMI to HDTV: Advantage is one cable for video & audio if you prefer to transfer audio through your HDMI.

    If you really want to use COMPONENT VIDEO CABLE it will surely work. You are talking about 3 cables just for video.

    Its your choice but as STATED COMPONENT to HDTV will work with all settings in 1080P.

    HDMI cable is very cheap these days. Its also included in video cards. If not call the vendor and the vendor will send you one. Thats my experience with BFG on NVDIA cards.
  7. The only way would be to use a DVI-HDMI converter; as the signal is EXACTLY THE SAME between the two wires, theres plenty of those out there. And if you still want to connect to your moniter, you can buy a cheap 3/4-way HDMI switch for $49.99 or so, so you can choose which display you want to output to.

    You could use component (using the s-video out), but that probably will limit you to 1080i instead of 1080p.
  8. Here's a reference document from BFG GTX 260 on how to connect HDTV using the

    video card extension:
    ANALOG Connection using SVIDEO and COMPONENT:

    SVIDEO don't and can't support 1080P.

    COMPONENT video with 3-cables for video works at 1080P without any issues. It work on 8800GT and GTX 280 and it should work on your 260.

    You can try the support site of the vendor of your nvdia-card and you should get guides similar to BFG on how to make your connections.

    1080P works at that configuration.
  9. Out of curiosity, why do the cables for consoles not support 1080p if the cables for a GPU does? Just wondering, as I was under the assumption it was a bandwith issue...
  10. I ended up purchasing a 24 foot HDMI cable from MonoPrice for only 20 bucks! It came yesterday and works flawlessly. I even have the sound coming from my TV which is really nice. Thanks for all the help guys.
  11. Great to know it work out for you
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