Wireless Incompatibility Between DIR 615 and Macbook

I have 2 Windows based laptops and 1 Macbook. The windows based laptops connect to the internet wirelessly over the D-Link router DIR 615 just fine. But the Macbook doesn't. It shows as connected to my wireless network but I cannot get on to any website. It however connects to another wireless netowork (not mine) fine and I can get on websites. Please help
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  1. Try again with wireless security turned off in the router. There are wireless security compatibility problems between some Macs and D-Link (and other PC-type routers).

    Experiment with the security options to find one that works for all.

    In the case I'm thinking of we had to resort to WEP 128 which is a nuisance to use due to long passwordsand could connect all-in-one white intel Mac desktop but still couldn't connect a Mac pre-intel laptop.

    Sometimes there can be an issue with password translation -- if you have the option to cut and paste a HEX password between the router and the Mac, it may eliminate that.

    If you can use WPA, do.
  2. If you can get it to work with higher level encryption then please do... There are 9 year olds out there that can crack 64 bit wep on their atari with an aircrack CD in about 5 minutes.

    Copying and pasting a hex key won't work unless he can connect hardwired into the router.

    Another option if you have to use low level encryption is see if you can get it to work with mac filtering.. That will run most of the 9 year old kids with ataris off, and make it slightly harder for them :-)
  3. I also had problems with my Macbook (new 13" Unibody) and a DIR-615, even though it was running Win7 via Bootcamp. I could browse but it was super-slow as confirmed by running speedtests on the Macbook and on a Thinkpad, about 1/10 as fast as the Thinkpad. I didn't spend a lot of time looking into it, but I figured it was a driver problem. I switched back to my Linksys WRT110 which is going flaky on me and needs to be rebooted a lot, but at least it works ok until it doesn't :)
  4. One of the first things to check is whether you have a wireless phone (not a cell phone) nearby to your wireless router. If so, the phone may be interfering with the router.

    These wireless phones were designed for home and office use and remain very popular. However, those manufactured around 4 years ago use the 2.4 GH frequency. The DLink DIR-615 wireless router also uses 2.4 GH! Other wireless routers of the same vintage may also be using this frequency.

    To determine if your wireless phone is at fault, I recommend relocating the phone and its base at least 3-4 meters away from your wireless router.

    Bella Oxmyx
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