How do you restore a windows 7 acer laptop to factory settings

the opening screen comes on that reads acer and then gose to a diffrent screen thats blue then black screen and reads the following no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key
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  1. Do you have the os restore CD that originally came with the laptop?
    Did you play with any of the bios setting?
  2. ^ Yes, if he has the orginal restore disk.
    I have a feeling that (1) It did not come with one and the documentation required the user to "make" their own - It provided the steps, the user supplies the DVD(s) and time. This has become pretty much standard with many Laptops over the past couple of years.
    (2) The OP lost it.

    Corrective action.
    A) use a windows 7 installation disk (one from a desktop, or a friends copy). Boot to the DVD and On the page asking what you want to do - click on restore. Windows DVD will try to fix the HDD, If it does you are done, if not proceed to B and C. LOWEST probabilty of working BUT simplest.
    B) probably the best option: Contact acer for a "System/restore DVD. Of course at a cost, UNK.
    C) Use a copy of operating system either from another of your systems, or borrow one. Needs to be the same operating system ie Win7 Home premium. You MUST use the Key that is on your Acer laptop. And this requires additional steps:
    .. (1) Steps for Win 7 - Do a clean install, DO NOT OUT inserting your Key. Complete the installation. You Must go to acer download page and down load all the drivers that you need and install them.
    .. (2) After you are satisfied that the operating system is running fine. Then you must (A) edit the registry and (B) reset the disarm cmd. (C You should now be able to activate windows 7 - you insert the Acer Key at this point.

    Explanation of B and C:
    Use method 2: Note, to find the registry entree Just DO A searce for "MediaBootInstall" witout quotes and it will take you right to the entree.
    It states "Not supported by uSoft - Not true as this is also provided by uSoft. I have used this method many times and it has worked every time. Including using a Installation disk for my desktop to re-install windows 7 on my Laptop, Using the laptop key

    Again if Windows 7 USE the Windows 7 excellent back-up (in control panel) of program to create a system disk of Your C drive - Don't get caught with your Pants d..... next time.
    Also You may need a NEW HDD depending on the status of your HDD. You can always download a bootable disk from the manuf to check the disk.
  3. no bootable device suggests it not seeing your hard drive --try pressing f12 as it boots up and see if your hard drive is listed if it is then select it as boot drive

    acer laptops usually also have a recovery partition accessed by pressing alt + f10 at boot up i think
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