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Hi all,

So I'm building this new AMD quad core and this question has been bugging me. In the past, I have installed Windows on a RAID 0 stripe consisting of two drives. Then I purchase a third internal drive for DATA only.

I have heard so many mixed views about keeping your files and the OS on seperate partitions, or in my case separate drives altogether.

The logic I heard was that keeping data on a separate drives keeps your files from getting intertwined with the OS (viruses, worms etc), and keeps your OS (Windows) running smoother over the long run.

What your thoughts on how to install Vista 64 home prem. Is installing it all on a RAID 0 a good idea? Pros? Cons? Better options?

Looking forward to your thoughts!
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  1. I'm not the most up to date on the whole raid thing....but iv always parted data and games away from the os...backing up my games saves and where i don't use alot of applications i can wipe my os on one partition and keep all of my data still on the drive for a fresh os install...and i run another system with two drives one for os and one for games...keeps things from getting all fragged up so often...
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