Asus Maximus III Formula P55

Hey guys I am a college student and I have been looking at building a desktop for a while. I wanted to know what everyone thought of the rig in general, but mainly if the Asus Maximus III Formula motherboard was worth the extra $50 over the EVGA P55 SLI. I will get the i5 cpu.



I plan to do some gaming, but I also want to have a machine that will be reliable and that will last several years. I will probably OC at some point in the near future and want to know which will be easier/ better to OC on.

The rest of the rig:

Intel i5-750

XFX GeForce GTX 260

G.Skill 4GB DDR3 Dual Channel 1600

Cooler Master Haff 932 Case

Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W PSU

WD 640GB HDD 7200RPM 32MB Cache 3.5GB/s SATA

I am probably going to put a second graphics card in later at some point to improve performance if I find I need it. I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are on Windows 7. Is it worth the leap? If so which version is most usefull. I already have several copies of XP. Also what monitor would you all reccomend. I want something at least 21 inches. Overall is this a system that is cost effective for a college student who wants a multimedia/ moderate gaming system that will last several years. I am also looking at buying a netbook in adition any preferences. I also want a cpu cooler for when I decide to OC. I have been looking at the Cooler Master V8.

Is this a good cooler that wont sacrifce function for looks?

I just want to make sure my money is well spent. Let me know if I could go cheaper in some areas without sacrificing performance, but I still want an amazing desktop in terms of power and appearance. Also my budget is about 2k total, but Id rather not spend it all.

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    You should take a look at the New System Build section of the forums, you can find a ton of P55 builds there.

    I can offer just a few quick remarks:

    1. I think you're paying too much for the motherboard. I'd rather go with a good, but cheaper CF/SLI MB like GA P55 UD4P, or Asus P55 PRO, or whatever EVGA equivalent might be, and then use the saved money to get a 5850 to pair it with a nice 24inch HD monitor from Samsung or Asus.

    2. Instead of the ram you listed, take a look at GSkill Ripjaws modules, and choose some with better timings, like CL7.

    3. About the HDD, I hear a lot of good things about Samsung F3 500gb single platter drives

    4. Consider Corsair PSUs as well. Plus you might even go with non-modular ones (like 750tx), having in mind that HAF932 has more then enough room for hiding cables.

    5. About the cooler, I'd have to say no to V8. There is a range of good heatsinks from cheaper ones like CM Hyper 212 plus and Xigmatek ones (not sure if they have 1156 brackets yet?) on to the more expensive, Noctua U12P SE2 (comes with 2 fans), TRUE or Megahalem/Megashadow (which are great but you have to buy fans as well).

    Good luck with your build!
  3. Thanks I really appreciate your input. I'll probably revamp my setup and post it over in the other forum.
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