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Cant delete pictures from my documents

Hi, complete non technically inclined person here.
can anyone explain to me in laymens' terms exactly what i need to do to delete pictures, lots and lots of pictures from my documents? And apparently i saved them in my documents and save as in another one of my documents, sorry if that doesn't make sense?! ...I can here the laughter....they are copying themselves after I try to delete....more and more pictures! :o Help Please! Firefox also crashing :cry: sucking up major juice..why is that? Too many plugins?
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  1. Lots of them eh....

    Empty the recycle bin, you may want to get something back...

    You can do it blindly or see what you are deleting.

    Open Windows Explorer.
    Navigate to the folder that has your pictures. (Document and Settings/{username}/My Documents/Pictures) usually.
    Click on that folder so it's contents appear in the right pane.
    At the top of Windows Explorer, click "View" and then "Thumbnails."
    You'll see a small sample picture of all the pictures there.
    Right-click on each picture you want to delete, and click Delete.
    You can do a selected mass delete by clicking the first picture you want to delete (no need to hold the click), press the shift key and release it, scroll down using the scroll bar on the right side of the windows until you see the last picture you want to delete, Hold the shift key down and click that last picture. All Pictures from the first to the last selected will be highlighted, right-click any of the highlighted pictures and select Delete.

    If you want to delete all the pictures, files and anything else in that folder, Right-click that folder, select Delete and it is gone.

    If there are files you want to keep mixed up with the pictures but there are so many that you don't want to select them by hand, click the folder, click "Search" and in the search menu, click "Picures Music or videos" In the next menu, choose "Picures and photos" and click "Search". They will all show up and now you can press the control key and the letter A key, right-click any of the selected pictures and choose "Delete".
  2. KBO said:
    :o Help Please! Firefox also crashing :cry: sucking up major juice..why is that? Too many plugins?

    That's another thread. One question/problem per thread.

  3. Tigsounds,
    Thanks so much for the reply, buy I'v done all of that, it didn't work. It's driving me ten kinds of crazy!
    Delete...another copy pops up!? I've done all the "housekeeping" I can think of...nothing seems to be working.
    Sorry about all the question. I'll be looking around the forum for help with the constant freezing, hanging and crashing!
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    Download a small zip file containing BCWipe (476KB).

    When installing, it will give a few warnings that it "Can't find the image handle" click Ok and continue installing.

    When it is installed, right-click any file or folder and choose "Delete with wiping"

    The first time you use it, click on "Options" and UN-check wiping the swap file and UN-check "View before wiping" so it will only do what job is at hand. Check "Wipe directory entry." A single-pass is all that is needed.

    Now when you delete a file, it should really be gone.

    Get it
  5. tigsounds,
    Thank you! That worked...they're gone!!! I own an online store and had a lot of pics, but that did the trick! :) I wonder why did they copy instead of delete when i tried to get rid of them? At this point I don't care long as they're gone!!!
    Awesome, thank you so much! I really appreciate your haven taken the time to reply!
  6. There is a fault in your XP but not having your computer in front of me makes it hard to diagnose what that problem is. This may be a different way to delete, but as you see, it does the job. This a "wipe" program, so the files are truly gone... forever. Happy to help, enjoy. :)
  7. I was worried about downloading the zip file...and possibly causing more harm to my already tired old machine, but I followed your directions and it worked perfectly!

    Yes, I am having a lot of problems right now. Running Firefox in safe mode with add - ons disabled until I can research the problem. I'm sure it's something 'easy' to fix for someone with the know how....that wouldn't be me however!

    Thanks again. Now I'm going to try and find out why there are 67 processes running, according to the task manager! hmmm...somehow that doesn't seem right! I changed the reg. auto end task from 0 to 1 ...still having the same problem.
    I probably shouldn't touch things I know nothing about.
  8. Sounds like your computer has unwanted company. Another guy here (aford10) has written a very good "How-to" article on removing malware. If you do what he describes you can rule out a lot of possibilities and maybe even cure your machine's troubles.

    Visit his article by clicking
  9. I'm there! Thanks
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