IDE Hard disk not detected while XP installation IN P4

1of my uncle's computer hard disk is nt detected in his intel's P4 processor........he want xp in his computer......n m getting error dat "setup did not find any hard disk dirves installed on your computer."...plz help me out..plz..plz...
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  1. It always helps to supply the make & model of the computer. We can quickly research the capabilities and quirks of the machine if that information is provided.

    But, since you didn't give that info, you can only get what might be helpful.

    Some computers have a new drive system know as AHCI. It is not seen by Windows Setup and a driver must be installed after Windows is up and running to use it later. During the initial installation, the computer BIOS must be set to "IDE" in the drive configuration page of the BIOS. This is sometimes in an area labeled "SATA setup" or something similar and it is an option that can be selected back to IDE.

    I don't know what your computer is so I can't say what key to press when the machine is first turned on to access the BIOS. It may flash the key to enter setup on the screen for a second during startup to let you know what key to press. Most Dell computers use the F2 key and others use just about any key you can imagine but the Delete key and F11 are two other popular possibilities.

    I will be back in about 9 hours, but if this is not helpful, maybe someone else will see your post and chime in with more suitable information. Good Luck.
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