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hello guys
i am using a C2D 2.66GHZ with asus p5n-mx. i have asus pc probe2 software which shows core voltages
and temperatures. when i start my pc, it is upto 38 but after i work or play games (mostly) it becomes 50-52 degrees.
is it safe for system?
same goes for my gpu i have 9400gt and its temp is mostly above 70 degrees
it doesnt have any cooling fan
any suggestions
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  1. Use RealTemp for CPU temperature.
    CPU temperature is safe up to 70ºC.
    GPU temperatures:

    80-90ºC is average
    115ºC is threshhold
    127ºC burnout
  2. wow man im assuming your are talking celcius. i think your cpu is fine although mine never goes past 34 c when im playing games for your video card im not so sure you need to get a fan on it or itl be bad and you'll start to lose performance. i have 5 fans 3 case fans 1 cpu fan and a gpu fan i suggest you upgrade your card to like a 9800 gtx.
  3. thanks guys
    i was worrying about temps as someone told me that it will burn my cgip or divide my performance
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