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My machine was working fine until I adjusted a few settings in the BIOS. I then went to fix them by setting it to optimized as well as safety settings, I might have even tried reboot from last successful time. Well for some reason now when it boots up my USB ports are not working. This is a pain since my keyboard and mouse are USB. Anyone ran into this before and know how to fix it?

I tired taking the CPU battery out to rest the BIOS but that did not fix it. Please any help would be great I am pulling my hair out here.
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  1. To get back in to your BIOS, get a PS2 keyboard, then you'll be able to hunt around.

    My EP45 the default was USB on and it used it in the BIOS, so I'm not sure why yours is not doing this. But you're gonna need to get in to that BIOS!

    Also you don't need to take the CMOS battery out. Try these steps below.

    Unplug your computer from the wall. Hit the power button on the front to get rid of any unwanted power (my machine almost fully starts unplugged for a second!). Hold it down a bit longer to be sure the power supply caps are drained.
    Using a jumper (or if you're dodgy, a metal screwdriver) cross the pins on the CMOS Reset jumper (check your manual for its location), hold it/leave it on there for 10-20 seconds just to be sure.

    Plug it back in. Start it up.

    (You may have removed the CMOS battery, but if the power supply was still in standby mode, it could've been still getting power from that)
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