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I was sitting here thinking about all the ways to increase cooling in a computer case and got to wondering, has anyone ever modded a thermo-electric cooler, say out of a portable food/drink cooler to cool a computer?

I would think the only problem to overcome would be moisture but with a proper setup I dont see why you couldnt reduce overall system temps 10-15 degrees fairly easy, maybe more?
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  1. The problem with Peltier coolers is not really moisture; that can easily be dealt with by channeling or absorption. The problem is cost efficiency. Thermocouples are only about 5% efficient (10% efficient systems exist, but you can't buy one) compared to, say, refrigeration at 60%. The only advantage a Peltier has in a computer is it's lack of moving parts, and thereby, noise. It's disadvantage, as mentioned, is massive energy consumption relative to what is commonly in use today. My CPU is being cooled using a .9 amp fan, but to do the same with a Peltier would require a minimum of 9 full amps. No thanks.

    Peltiers are already used for cooling computers, digital cameras, satellites, where a fan is impractical or impossible.
    Here is a good primer on how to do what you are asking.

    To answer your question; sure, you can mod a drink cooler thermocouple - why would you?
  2. using petier very inefficient and wasteful of the cost
    of electricity of about 350w, and other hazards when
    the cold side issued a frost, when life is not a
    problem but the pc when the pc shutdown and the
    temperature gets warm again, then the frost will
    melt and will override the cpu and other components
  3. No one really uses Peltier/TEC anymore. They either run a regular watercooling loop, a WC loop with a chiller, or some kind of phase change.
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