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Hey folks,

My computer is one year old now (built by one of my friends) and has ran great until now. Recently it has been starting up extremely slow and freezing once logged in. The last few times its hung on the windows loading screen until I force reboot. Now I can not even get it to th ewinows loading screen. When I try and start it in Safe Mode it hangs while loading the windows file (the last file it shows loading is crcdisk.sys). Does anybody know what could be the malfunction?

Here are some specs:

780I EVGA Nforce

4 sticks of corsair xms2 ddr2


Seagate Barracuda 7200 250gb hd

Seagate Barracuda 7200 1000gb hd

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  1. Have you checked on the seagate site to make sure your drives dont need the firmware update. if this is the problem the drives will eventually become usless until you update the firmware. just go to the seagate site and type in your drives model.
  2. That's probably what's happening. If not let us know, certainly more to try.
  3. Excuse my extreme noobieness but I cant log in to download the drives. I can only get to my Bios splash screen, logging in wont go further than the windows loading screen. How would I go about updating the firmware?
  4. You would probably use a boot disk or some such.

    Use whatever comp you are on now to go get the firmware updates, which should include instructions. You may want to grab all important info off the drives before doing this.

    Here also is a tool that might help:
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