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Hello guys.

This past Christmas I received a hard drive as a gift. The hard drive is faster than the one I'm currently using and I was wondering if it is possible to transfer everything from my old hard drive to my new one. I want to use the faster hard drive as my main hard drive. Is there any way I can copy everything, including the registry.

I'm also wondering if I can RAID 0 my hard drives even though one hard drive has a 16 mb cache and the other has a 32 mb cache. My motherboard supports RAID 0.

Thank you
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    Go to the website of whoever made your new drive. They should have some tools there that will let you copy things over. (at least they have in the past.)

    As for RAIDing drives together, you can actually RAID together very different drives. What happens is that the faster drive will get done first, then wait for the slower drive to finish. This basically makes both drives perform at the speed of the slowest drive. I can also pretty much guarantee that you don't need AID0. Home users don't need it, even for gaming.
  2. Alright. Thank you for the help and replying quickyl.
  3. I use Acronis to clone the drive. Need to boot from CD though.
  4. Does the cache size for hard drives make a big difference in speed cause right now the bottleneck of my system is the hard drives and I want to make it faster hopefully through RAID 0
  5. How is it a bottleneck? Because WEI tells you so?

    Cache size does matter some, but because the Cache empties so fast its more or less irrelevant. Anything over 16MBs probably doesn't matter, but its been awhile since I've seen anything on Caches. (last time I saw the 8MB Cache had just come out.)
  6. So does this mean that RAID 0 would improve my hard drives speed, I feel like its a waste to have the other hard drive just laying around. I don't really use that much hard drive space, probably get to 500 GB in like 3 more years. I think the only thing different between the two hard drives are the cache sizes and storage sizes. My guess is that its the bottleneck cause I've done several system benchmarks and the only thing that gave my computer the bad score are the hard drives.

    CPU : I5 750 @ 3.6 ghz
    Graphics Card : XFX Radeon HD 4890
    Ram : 8 Gigs
    Motherboard : P7P55D
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